Hundreds of potential DV lottery winners to miss a chance to change their lives.

“Hundreds of potential anglophone DV lottery winners will be deprived of that chance this year because they can’t submit their entries

This is the cry of a concerned American citizen who was once a beneficiary of this annual diversity visa lottery program organized by the American government to grand permanent residency to thousands of internationals. He explained his story in a short facebook post, calling out the Cameroonian government for its unlawful shutdown of the internet amidst the ongoing anglophone crises, which have led to many loss of lives, businesses and even homes due to the desertion by citizens for fear of police brutality.

He recounts his story thus;

“This just touched me deep in my heart. I graduated From the university of Buea with a first degree in Physics, being an orphan I lacked the means to further my education. I was really frustrated and was teaching physics in secondary schools in Yaoundé. Then I won the DV lottery in 2012 and finally arrived the US in 2014. I currently have a masters degree in Computer Science and I live a comfortable life in Kentucky USA, pursuing my dreams of music and coding. Now, thousands of anglophones are in America today because of this program. I feel really broken inside that the dateline for this year is November 6th and hundreds of anglophone selectees will not have that chance this year”

Mobile networks have equally be complacent with the government by blocking thousand of phone numbers as well as monitoring text messages and calls, while providing this information to the police to aid them with the unlawful crackdown and arrest of protesters.

While hoping for a miracle, since the international community seems to be deaf to the cries of this oppress minority, may god be with us all.

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